Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bath Reno

I decided to share something non-scrapbooking related here for a change. :)
We recently did a major reno in order to create a larger bathroom off of our room, and a larger bedroom for Shailyn.

I'll share the "after" images first.

I still have to add the hardware to the cabinet.
And now, the before image.

The reno involved taking off the entire back half of the roof, and opening up the wasted space that you can see hidden in the little cubby.
It was a very stressful process, and took waaaaaay longer than it was supposed to, but worth it in the end. Our other option to gain additional space was to move.
This was the inspiration photo that I used during the decorating process.
I loved the bright feel of the space, and the neutral tiling combined with the espresso cabinet and framed mirrors.

We're now in the midst of our bath reno on the main floor. Hopefully I'll have photos to share in a week or two.

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